The Centre for Urban Science & Engineering (C-USE) at IIT Bombay is an interdisciplinary centre for research, teaching and skilled manpower development with the primary mandate of  improving urban quality of life.

The Centre aims to combine science  and technology with sustainable, equitable and human-friendly design to deliver innovative and holistic services to improve the life of the rapidly urbanizing population in the developing world. The research activities of the Centre focus on new products and solutions related to housing, transport, water management, energy efficiency, urban informatics, health, governance, urban poverty and citizen science while mitigating the effects of natural disasters and climate change.

The Centre, located at the urban metropolis of Mumbai, aims to establish links with various institutes within India and abroad that are addressing urban challenges. The mission of the Centre is to be a globalized institution that would enable interactions among researchers, offer educational programs, encourage faculty and student exchanges and help learn from diverse contexts with the aim of making cities of the world, especially the developing world, more livable.

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