C-USE Participation at Science Expo-2015 - 04 February 2015

Nehru Science Centre


C-USE PARTICIPATION in Science Expo-2015 organized by Nehru Science Centre, Worli, Mumbai-18 during 4th-7th February, 2015.

Volunteers from C-USE participated and demonstrated a exhibit to create awareness for waste segregation using IVE application.

Informative Virtual Environments (IVEs) in the form of virtual games are designed and used to explore, whether sensory motor experiences of segregating waste in a virtual urban environment, would be effective in increasing pro-environmental self-efficacy and behaviour towards waste segregation in the physical,non-mediated world. The IVEs will be created considering current situation mapped knowledge base. And after deploying IVEs, the recorded score from the different stages of IVEs for every user over a time span, will used as an indicator for recording the change in PEBs. For this purpose, campus of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, has been chosen as the study area.

C-USE team at Science expo held the pilot study of the Developed IVE app at the Nehru Centre.