The Centre currently has core, adjunct and visiting faculty members and aims to recruit more faculty members in core areas such as housing and urban development, transportation and land use, community development, demographics, public health, urban infrastructure planning, urban informatics and related areas. In addition, there are several affiliated faculty members from multiple disciplines within IIT Bombay.

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The focus of this Centre is to create multidisciplinary experts and leaders who understand technologies and can implement designs in innovative ways in various urban systems. The students encouraged in this program come from various fields including engineering, management, architecture and planning. The screening is based on testing of analytical skills, keen sense of design and a statement of purpose that clearly explains their interest in looking at urban problems. Through this program students will have an opportunity to focus on a variety of domains such as built environment, transportation, laws & policies, energy conservation with the working knowledge of data analytics, design and communication which will enable them to understand implementation of various policies and technologies on ground.

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The staff members of the Centre include Administrative staff and Research personnel.

The admin staff provide the Centre with support in human resource development and asset management through:

- Financial management of equipment and consumables, events, reimbursements, 
- Maintenance and upkeep,
- Keeping track of documents and records,
- Assisting with admission processes,
- Managing the student records for the PhD and Masters programs, 
- Managing various events like workshops, APS, seminars, Committee meetings,
- Working in close coordination with the various offices for R&D, Academics, and the accounts and administrative offices in the Main Building, etc.

The research staff are hired on a need-basis to assist in various research projects at CUSE.

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