Deepjyoti Das


Faculty:Pradip Kalbar

Supervisor:Prof. Pradip Kalbar & Prof. Nagendra Rao Velaga


Deepjyoti Das is a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Urban Science and Engineering (CUSE), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India. His doctoral research focuses on sustainable transport systems and quantification of environmental impacts. His interest includes understanding socio-economic interchange and dynamics of  urban road transport’s waste, service, and expectations. In his research, International and national environmental agreements will be one of the area to develop a framework for an improved dialogue between policymakers and researchers on impact of road transportation on urban climate change.

Prior to joining at IIT Bombay, he completed his Master’s degree in Transportation and Systems Engineering. During his master’s research, he had worked on aviation fuel consumption optimization with an inter-disciplinary focus.

He has published in a few peer-reviewed international journals and conferences. On the personal front, he is continuing his interest of trekking and understanding geopolitics.