Venkata Sai Krishna Vanama

Email: vsaikrishna1990[at]

Supervisor:Prof. Y. S. Rao

Thesis Titile:Flood Mapping in Urban Areas Using Geospatial Technologies


Venkata Sai Krishna is a Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for Urban Science and Engineering (CUSE), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. His doctoral research topic deals with rapid flood mapping in urban areas. He completed his Masters’ degree in Remote Sensing and GIS with specialization Urban and regional studies in IIRS, ISRO, Dehradun (2014). He is an urban planner by training.

His doctoral research entitled ‘Flood Mapping in Urban Areas Using SAR images’ deals with development  of SAR based multivariate flood risk index and algorithm for effective flood delineation in high density urban areas. The algorithm performance is tested on different flood events occurred in Indian mega cities i.e. 2015 Chennai flood,  2016 Bangalore flood, and 2018 Kerala flood.  A multi criteria decision making technique is used to identify the vulnerable areas to urban floods. Finally, the urban areas are classified into different risk zones i.e. very high, high, medium, low and very low by combining the SAR derived flood areas with urban flood vulnerable areas. The research highlights the potential of multi-frequency (L and C-bands) and multi-resolution (low, moderate and high) SAR data in rapid urban flood mapping in varying topography. Also, the proposed algorithm is efficient, scalable and easy to implement

His research article has been published in peer-reviewed current science journal and conference articles have been published in peer-reviewed proceedings like SPIE, ACRS, ICRSDM, and IEEE I2CT, ICACCI.