The courses offered by CUSE are as follows:

Course Code Course Name Semester (Spring/Autumn) Instructor
US201 Introduction to Urban Science & Engineering Spring/Autumn  
US202 Introduction to Urban Environmental Infrastructure Spring/Autumn  
US601 Urban Geomatics and Analytics Spring Prof. Ronita Bardhan
US602 Fundamentals of Urban Science and Engineering Autumn Prof. Arnab Jana
US603 Research Methods in Urban Science Spring Prof. Arnab Jana
US604 Management Techniques for Urban Systems Autumn Prof. Ronita Bardhan
US605 Introduction to Building: Functional Design and Science  Spring Prof. Ronita Bardhan
US606 Urban Environmental Infrastructure Spring Prof. Pradip Kalbar
US607 Sustainability Assessment of Urban Systems Autumn Prof. Pradip Kalbar
US608 Green Building Design Spring/Autumn  
US609 Introduction to Urban Design Spring/Autumn  
US610 Design for Sustainable Development & Urbanization Autumn/Spring Prof. Pradipta Banerji / Prof. Amita Sharma
US611 Urban Design and Engineering Lab Spring/Autumn  
US612 Urban Design and Engineering Studio Spring/Autumn  
US613 Urban Planning in India: Theory, Challenges and Approaches Spring/Autumn

Prof. Pradip Kalbar/Prof. Malini Krishnankutty

US792 Communications Skills II Autumn Prof. Pradip Kalbar