Due to unplanned and exponential growth of cities in world, immense load has come on the existing infrastructure for energy, transportation, housing, land-use, waste management (domestic and industry), water supply, rain water/storm water management, sewerage infrastructure etc

To respond to these issues, an integrated approach with adequate data collection, analysis and design development is necessary. Research for development of infrastructure which tackles urban challenges and improves quality of life, is one of the main focus of the Center. The Center looks into creating solutions for alternative transportation modes, land-use patterns, alternative and clean energy sources, energy efficient housing, water infrastructure including drinking water supply and distribution, waste water and sewerage management, stormwater management, flood modeling and mitigation; solid waste infrastructure including review of household and industrial waste management practices, waste segregation techniques, waste to energy options that not only protect the environment but also generate revenues from waste materials. The Centre will also research on the urban-rural relationship to understand the dynamics of urban poor and find solutions to control migration and create equal amenities for urban poor.

Research Areas

  • Buildings
  • Transportation and Land use
  • Urban water
  • Smart Energy
  • Waste Management