Research Projects

The following is the list of projects currently underway in the department.

Project name Principal Investigators
New Strategies for Optimal Operation of Water Supply Schemes by use of Scheduling and Decentralized Infrastructure Prof. Pradip Kalbar
Optimizing location and capacity of emergency response infrastructure for megacities Prof. Arnab Jana
Towards an affordable and socially inclusive privatized healthcare: Learning from implementing and assessing a Swasth India project in Mumbai Prof. Arnab Jana
Prof. Krithi Ramamritham
Prof. Harish Phuleria
Prof. Rama Pal
Empowering citizens to/and monitoring urban spaces Prof. Arnab Jana
Effects of real estate dynamics on urban forms and its emergence as growth machine in Indian Cities – Study area: Mumbai. Prof. Arnab Jana
Prof. Ronita Bardhan
Prof. Nagendra R. Valega
Urban Form and Extreme Precipitation Events: Are compact cities more vulnerable to flooding? Prof. Arnab Jana
Prof. Ronita Bardhan
Designing Informative virtual environments (IVEs) to pro-environmental behavior (PEBs) in educational campus Prof. Ronita Bardhan
Exploiting Solar Energy in Urban Areas: Potential and Approaches Prof. Krithi Ramamritham
Prof. Vivek Agarwal
Impact of urban form para-metrics on regulatory ecosystem services Prof. Ronita Bardhan
Prof. Krithi Ramamritham
Slum Habitat Toolkit – Data Driven approach for design heuristics Prof. Ronita Bardhan
Optimal location of health care facilities in urban areas Prof. Arnab Jana
C-USE Establishment of Centre of Excellence for Training and Research in Frontier areas of Science and Technology (FAST) Prof. Krithi Ramamritham
Prof. Arnab Jana
Prof. Ronita Bardhan
Environmental Assessment of Urban Systems in India: Urban Metabolism Approach Prof. Pradip Kalbar

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