UG Minor in Urban Design and Engineering

This UG Minor is available to IITB undergraduates only

In the recent era, challenges of urbanization are to create cities which are smart, sustainable and resilient. At present there are no academic programs in India which expose students to the challenges of achieving a smart city which is also sustainable and resilient. To be able to prepare students to understand and address these challenges there is need for a completely new program focusing on interdisciplinary approach.

The aim of the minor programme in Urban Design and Engineering (UDE) is to expose the UG students to challenges of urban issues, need for interdisciplinary approach and design of aspects of cities. At present, there are no prevailing programs in India to adopt this pedagogical approach at UG level and hence at CUSE, we propose to start minor in UDE.

The program will create undergraduates who on the one hand know the planning aspects and on the other side will also know about design challenges of urban infrastructure. Such a human resource will help the cities to develop on a smarter and sustainable path.

UDE minor is comprised of 5 courses (a minimum of 30 credits).

The minor program will consist of:

  • 2 foundation courses (both specifically designed for UGs),
  • 3 sectoral elective courses of their choice (from approved US 600 level courses),
  • Total 30 credits

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