Vidyadhar K. Phatak

Mr. Vidyadhar K. Phatak is an independent urban planning consultant since 2004. During this period he has been involved in Kolkata Urban Services for  the Poor (KUSP), Business Plan for MMR, preparing master plans of cities in Punjab, Comprehensive Transport Study of Hyderabad, planning for TOD in Hubli Dharwad, financing plan for MCGM and a number of assignments with the World Bank in Dhaka, Kolkata, Agartala and study of housing and public land in Ahmedabad. He was also a Director of National Housing Bank from 2006 to 2012. He has recently completed a study of land based fiscal instruments for Ministry of Urban Development. At present he is advisor to MCGM for revision of Development Plan.

Prior to 2004, he worked in MMRDA for 28 years. During this period he formulated and monitored World Bank Funded Bombay Urban Development Project, carried out initial preparatory studies of MUTP, led a team to prepare the Regional Plan of MMR 1996-2011. He was as a member of the Planning  Commission Task Force on urban development (1983) and the National Commission on Urbanization (1988).

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