Process for Recruitment of Post-Doctoral Fellows in CUSE

1. Candidate should satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria as specified by the Institute (available at Institute Post-doctoral Fellows Recruitment | IIT Bombay) 

2. Candidate should have published at least one significant paper on urban issues in peer reviewed journal of high repute from her/his PhD work. 

3. Candidate should submit a research proposal that is relevant to CUSE research areas along with the application. 

4. One of the core/associated faculty of CUSE should be willing to mentor the candidate. 

5. The application of the candidate as forwarded by a mentoring faculty will be evaluated by the CUSE Policy Committee (CPC).

6. If recommended by CPC, the applicant is invited to give a seminar presentation on his PhD research as well as the proposed post-doctoral research. The seminar presentation is evaluated by a three-member committee consisting of the proposed mentoring faculty and two expert faculty members relevant to the research area of the candidate. 

7. Based on the report of the above evaluation committee, CPC will make appropriate recommendation to the standing committee.

Please follow the link for further details of process. Click here